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Children of Peace

Arabs and Jews have lived in ongoing conflict for over a century. A group of dreamers decided to challenge everything they know about their nationalities and histories and founded a village in 1970s Israel as a social experiment. The film follows the many children who were brought up in this unique environment. In this bold attempt to raise a new generation their internal struggles and the outside conflict challenged their revolutionary eco-system. The children of peace are now grown men and women dealing with the harsh reality of political turmoil, war and societal segregation.

My Friend, Yaniv

Yaniv,28, lives with his parents in Kiryat Ata-a suburban city in northern Israel. Over the years, Yaniv witnesses best friends leave home, his little sister get married and leave home and his copywriting colleagues work and succeed in Tel Aviv, while he remains in the same place. Maayan (the filmmaker) and Yaniv have been friends for over 10 years. The film provides a glimpse into their honest companionship. Recently, Yaniv shares with Maayan his desire to leave home in order to become truly independent for the first time, even at the cost of risking his own life. Yaniv takes us on a journey full of humor, which challenges conventional thinking about what it means to be alive. The film displays life as a constant struggle between desire and determination, between body and spirit and between helplessness and optimism.

Acting Weak

90 years old actress Naomi reluctantly enacts her greatest fear: losing control. Little did she know that the same fate awaits her.

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